Vestnik Kuzbasskogo instituta

The quarterly scientific magazine “Vestnik Kuzbasskogo instituta” (“Bulletin of the Kuzbass Institute”) is registered in Federal Service for Supervision in the Sphere of Telecom, Information Technologies and Mass Communications of Russia (Roskomnadzor). Certificate on registration of mass media of PI No. FS77-65082.

The founder of the magazine is Federal State Educational Institution of Higher Education “Kuzbass Institute of Federal Penal Service of Russia”. Edition and publisher address: 654066, Kemerovo region, Novokuznetsk city, Oktyabrsky Ave., 49, Kuzbass Institute of FPS of Russia.

The exit schedule is 4 times a year.

The magazine is included in system of the Russian Index of Scientific Citing (an electronic portal

All rights reserved. The reprint of materials is allowed only with the permission of an editorial board of the magazine.

The publication of articles in the magazine is free.

The editorial board:


The editor-in-chief, the vice-chairman of an editorial board — A. V. Shesler, doctor of law, professor (KI of the FPS of Russia);

O. A. Alfimova, candidate of law, associate professor (KI of the FPS of Russia);  
A. G. Antonov, doctor of law, associate professor (the St. Petersburg University of the MIA of Russia);
T. G. Antonov, candidate of law, associate professor (the Tomsk IPKR of the FPS of Russia);
S. P. Brylyakov, candidate of law, associate professor (KI of the FPS of Russia);
T. G. Chernenko, doctor of law, professor, honored lawyer of Russia (Kemerovo State University);
A. Ya. Grishko, doctor of law, professor (KI of the FPS of Russia);
A. N. Ivanova, candidate of law (the Tomsk IPKR of the FPS of Russia);
Yu. A. Kashuba, doctor of law, professor (the Academy of the FPS of Russia);
L. N. Odintsova, candidate of law, associate professor (KI of the FPS of Russia);
A. A. Pavlenko, candidate of law, associate professor (the Tomsk IPKR of the FPS of Russia);
M. V. Prokhorova, candidate of law (the Tomsk IPKR of the FPS of Russia);
S. M. Savushkin, candidate of law, associate professor (KI of the FPS of Russia);
P. V. Teplyashin, doctor of law, associate professor (Siberian Law Institute of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia);
V. B. Shabanov, doctor of law, professor (Belarusian State University);
T. V. Shepel, doctor of law, associate professor, honourable worker of higher education of Russia, honored lawyer of Russia (KI of the FPS of Russia);
V. A. Utkin, doctor of law, professor, honored lawyer of Russia (KI of the FPS of Russia);
L. A. Yurieva, candidate of law, associate professor (Novokuznetsk branch of the Kemerovo State University);
V. K. Znikin, doctor of law, professor, honored lawyer of Russia (KI of the FPS of Russia).

The responsible secretary of the editorial board – Nemoykin Mikhail Viktorovich, ph. (3843) 77-64-97 (additional # 1943), the fax: (3843) 77-57-55, e-mail:

Headings of the magazine:

-         theory and history of the law and state; history of doctrines about the law and the state;

-         civil law; enterprise right; family law; international private law;

-         criminal law and criminology; penal law;

-         criminal trial;

-         international law; European law;

-         judicial activity, public prosecutor's activity, human rights and law-enforcement activity;

-         criminalistics; judicial and expert activity; operational search activity;

-         responses, reviews;

-         scientific events.

In case the author is the graduate student, the graduated in a military academy or is attached to a graduate military course (postgraduate study) for preparation of a dissertation research for a degree of the candidate of science, the author has to direct the scanned review of the research supervisor of the materials directed for the publication to e-mail of the responsible secretary of an editorial board. Existence of the review of the research supervisor is a necessary, but not sufficient condition for publication of article. Articles of graduate students, graduated in a military academy and applicants also undergo reviewing according to the requirements established by edition.

The requirements to registration of articles:

-         a size – A4;

-         a volume – from 5 to 10 pages (in some cases according to the decision of the chairman of an editorial board or his deputy in the press materials over 10 pages can be allowed);

-         a formar – .doc (.docx);

-         font – Times New Roman, the 14th size;

-         line spacing – unary;

-         alignment of the text on page width;

-         fields: top, bottom – 2 cm; right, left – 2,5 cm;

-         paragraph space – 1,25 cm.

The author has to specify the index of the Universal Denary Classification (UDC) corresponding to subject and scientific and branch accessory of article at the beginning of article.

The heading of article has to be presented in the Russian and English languages. The heading shouldn’t have too large volume (1-3 lines) and has to reflect contents of article most accurately.

Article has to be supplied with the summary (abstract) in the Russian and English languages. The summary (abstract) to article has to be: the informative; the original; substantial (to reflect the main contents of article and results of researches); structured (to follow logic of the description of results in article); compact (summary volume – from 120 to 250 words). The summary (abstract) has to reflect the following aspects of the contents of article briefly: subject, purpose; methodology; results; scope of results; conclusions. By drawing up the summary (paper) the system of standards according to information, library and to publishing is recommended to follow provisions state standard specifications.

Article has to be supplied with keywords in the Russian and English languages (the recommended quantity of keywords – 5–7). Keywords serve for the automated information search and have to reflect as the general, and private aspects of results of the research presented in article.

Drawings and signatures to them settle down directly in the text. Drawings have to have the .jpg format, allow movement in the text and possibility of reduction of the sizes, in black-and-white execution. The objects created by means of Microsoft Office have to allow possibility of editing.

Tables and drawings are numbered, if their number more than one.

References to the quoted literature are given in square curves.

The list of references settles down after the text of article, is numbered (starting with the first number) in alphabetical order, is preceded by the word
“Literature”. At one number is admissible to specify only one source.

Use of common abbreviations is allowed. In case of use of a highly specialized or author's abbreviation at its first use interpretation, for example is given in the text: penal system (further – PS), the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation (further – CC of RF).

Notes and footnotes are made out directly in the text in parentheses in the italics.

On the last page of article the published data on authors in the Russian and English languages are specified: the full name of establishment where research is executed; surnames, names and middle names of authors completely; academic
degree, rank, position, place of work, number of contact phones, e-mail addresses of all authors.

Materials go to the responsible secretary of an editorial board by e-mail with a mark “Bulletin” in the form of the attached file (for example: IvanovII.doc).

The author who has submitted article for the publication in the scientific magazine “Vestnik Kuzbasskogo instituta”, thereby expresses the consent to the instruction in printing and magazine Internet versions (in an open free access on the and websites) its surname, a name, a middle name completely, places of work and a position, data on a scientific degree (academic status), e-mail addresses, other personal data which the author considers necessary to specify. The author bears responsibility for reliability of used materials, accuracy of quotes. Award isn't paid. All articles undergo reviewing procedure. According to the solution of the editorial board materials can be rejected; the review is sent at the request of the author.

Edition reserves the right for modification and reductions. The materials which aren't conforming to established requirements, to the publication aren't accepted.


Vestnik Kuzbasskogo instituta № 1(42) / 2020

Vestnik Kuzbasskogo instituta № 4(41) / 2019

Vestnik Kuzbasskogo instituta № 3(40) / 2019

Vestnik Kuzbasskogo instituta № 2(39) / 2019

Vestnik Kuzbasskogo instituta № 1(38) / 2019

Vestnik Kuzbasskogo instituta № 4(37) / 2018

Vestnik Kuzbasskogo instituta № 3(36) / 2018

Vestnik Kuzbasskogo instituta № 2(35) / 2018

Vestnik Kuzbasskogo instituta № 1(34) / 2018

Vestnik Kuzbasskogo instituta № 4(33) / 2017

Vestnik Kuzbasskogo instituta № 3(32) / 2017

Vestnik Kuzbasskogo instituta № 2(31) / 2017

Vestnik Kuzbasskogo instituta № 1(30) / 2017

Vestnik Kuzbasskogo instituta № 4(29) / 2016

Vestnik Kuzbasskogo instituta № 3(28) / 2016

Vestnik Kuzbasskogo instituta № 2(27) / 2016

Vestnik Kuzbasskogo instituta № 1(26) / 2016

Vestnik Kuzbasskogo instituta № 4(25) / 2015

Vestnik Kuzbasskogo instituta № 3(24) / 2015

Vestnik Kuzbasskogo instituta № 2(23) / 2015

Vestnik Kuzbasskogo instituta № 3(24) / 2015

Vestnik Kuzbasskogo instituta № 2(23) / 2015

Vestnik Kuzbasskogo instituta № 1(22) / 2015

Vestnik Kuzbasskogo instituta № 4(21) / 2014

Vestnik Kuzbasskogo instituta № 3(20) / 2014

Vestnik Kuzbasskogo instituta № 2(19) / 2014

Vestnik Kuzbasskogo instituta № 1(18) / 2014

Vestnik Kuzbasskogo instituta № 4(17) / 2013

Vestnik Kuzbasskogo instituta № 3(16) / 2013

Vestnik Kuzbasskogo instituta № 2(15) / 2013

Vestnik Kuzbasskogo instituta № 1(14) / 2013

Vestnik Kuzbasskogo instituta № 4(12) / 2012

Vestnik Kuzbasskogo instituta № 2(10) / 2012

Vestnik Kuzbasskogo instituta № 1(9) / 2012

Vestnik Kuzbasskogo instituta № 5(8) / 2011

Vestnik Kuzbasskogo instituta № 4(7)/2011

Vestnik Kuzbasskogo instituta № 3(6)/2011

Vestnik Kuzbasskogo instituta № 2(5)/2011

Vestnik Kuzbasskogo instituta № 1(4)/2011

Vestnik Kuzbasskogo instituta № 2(3)/2010

Vestnik Kuzbasskogo instituta № 1(2)/2010


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